Pharmaceutical Injections

  1. Sterile Ceftriaxone Sodium 1000 mg + Sulbactam Sodium 500 mg

    Ceftriaxone is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as cephalosporin antibiotics. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.
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  2. Ceftriaxone Sodium 250 mg+ Sulbactam Sodium 125 mg SWFI

    We are engaged in offering high-quality (Ceftriaxone 250 Mg Sulbactam Sodium 125 Mg Injection). It is used to prevent or treat certain infections caused by bacteria. It is given by injection only into a muscle or vein. It is often used to treat infections of the lung, urinary tract, skin, abdomen, bone, joint, and lining of the brain (meningitis), depending on the bacteria...
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  3. Ondansetron Hydrochloride Inj. I.P.

    Ondansetron is used to prevent nausea and vomiting
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  4. Vaxether

    alpha, beta-Arteether is an ethyl ether derivative of artemisinin which is an ... Fifty patients with severe falciparum malaria were given intramuscular arteether, 150 mg, ... Antimalarials/therapeutic use
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  5. Methycobalamin 1500 Mcg

    Cyanocobalamin is a man-made form of vitamin B12 used to treat low levels (deficiency) of this vitamin. Vitamin B12 helps your body use fat and carbohydrates for energy and make new protein. It is also important for normal blood, cells, and nerves.
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  6. Pyridoxine 100Mg+Methycobalamin 1000 Mcg+Nicotinamide 10 Mg

    Methylcobalamin, an analogue of vitamin B12, is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency, memory loss, psoriasis, pernicious anemia, homocysteinemia, atopic dermatitis and age-related macular degeneration.
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  7. Sterile Ceftriaxone Sodium 500 mg SWFI

    Ceftriaxone (ceftriaxone sodium and dextrose) Injection is an antibacterial drug used to treat conditions such as lower respiratory tract infections, skin and skin structure infections, urinary tract infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, bacterial septicemia, bone and joint infections, and meningitis.
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  8. Amikacin 500 mg

    Amikacin has some activity against other Gram-positive organisms including certain strains of Streptococcus pyogenes, Enterococci and Diplococcus pneumoniae.
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  9. Nandrolone Decanoate 50 mg

    Nandrolone Decanoate 50 mg Injection is an anabolic steroid which is mainly indicated for treatment of anemia & wasting syndromes. It is also said to be highly
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  10. Pantoprazole Sodium 40 mg SWFI

    Pantoprazole is used to treat certain stomach and esophagus problems (such as acid reflux). ... Pantoprazole belongs to a class of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors
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  11. Diclofenac Sodium 75 Mg

    Diclofenac Sodium is the sodium salt form of diclofenac, a benzene acetic acid derivate and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activity.
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